Yaesu SCU-17 USB Digital Interface Setup and Guide

The Yaesu SCU-17 is a digital interface to your transceiver for models such as the aforementioned branded FT-450D and makes use of a USB connection, allowing it to be easily used with a modern computer system without the need of a messy and unreliable RS-232 <-> USB converter cable. It permits computerized rig control of a Yaesu transceiver primarily through CAT communication thereby allowing CW, RTTY (FSK or AFSK), PSK31, SSTV, or even FT8 encoding as examples. This little device works such magic by acting as a high-quality external sound-card with its own microphone output and line-level input, through which digitally encoded signals can be sent and received. Because it is an external device with its own metal-casing, it does not suffer from the major EMI issues that commonly plague internal sound-cards which typically come by default with most branded computer systems. In order to communicate with non-Yaesu rigs if you decide to go down another path later in the future, it also possesses 3.5 mm audio jacks for such functionality. This article details how to setup the above-mentioned digital interface for use with common programs such as WSJT-X.

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